2.5 days in oahu, hawaii!!

I had the most amazing weekend in Oahu over Labor Day weekend. In just 2.5 days, my friend David and I 1) did two hikes 2) chilled at two beaches 3) jumped out of a plane and 3) ate a ton of good food. From LA, Hawaii is ~5 hours away by plane so weekend trips are actually possible!


We started my introduction to Oahu with a 5-mile hike (Kuliouou Ridge Trail).


Kuliouou is so beautiful! It was honestly everything I expected from hiking in Hawaii. There are trees. There are clouds. There are amazing views. Keep reading!




Oh, and there are stairs to help you climb…!


Great view, right??


I’m a bada$$ 😉


Final stretch to the top…


Final set of stairs…they were really steep.



V for Victory!!!


This view was totally worth the 3 hours of nonstop sweating and falling. Highly recommend this hike for all visitors!


After our hike, we swung by Fresh Catch for some poke. I loooooove sashimi and am now a huge fan of poke.



I’m not the biggest fan of Hawaiian food though. It was extremely heavy! Poke all day everyday 🙂


After a brief eating break, we headed out to Lanikai. Lanikai is in Kailua near the southeastern corner of the island. The beaches are absolutely beautiful and preferred by locals (aka fewer tourists). Before hitting the beach, we decided to be tough cookies and hike the Lanikai Pill Box trail. It was much shorter than the first hike but more intense and steep. I definitely recommend hiking shoes for this one. I was sliding the entire way down!


The view atop the second (and higher up) pill box was amazing. I even made friends with the two friendly Japanese uncles sitting in the shade. (Note the Starbucks ^__^)



I believe I can fly!!!


My amazing host/friend/photographer, David!


Hiked out for the day/week/month, we chilled and napped on this beautiful beach. What an incredible first day in Oahu!


Day 2 started with some crazy adrenaline rush. Check out my post on skydiving for some awesome photos!

Afterwards, we drove to the North Shore and swung by Giovanni’s for some homegrown Hawaiian shrimp.


What a truck.


I’m not a shrimp lover but I absolutely killed that dish. We got the shrimp scampi plate, which consisted of a dozen shrimp marinated in olive oil, chopped garlic and lemon butter and served with two scoops of rice all drizzled with garlic lemon. If that description doesn’t make you hungry…then something is obviously wrong. Be warned though, the lines on weekends are quite long. We waited 45 minutes but it was well worth it! I loaded upon pineapples and coconuts in the meantime.


This palm tree provided me with all of 10 inches of shade. My friend David is an amazing photographer as well. 🙂


I ate too much shrimp.


On the way back to the city, we stopped by a pretty beach and took some artistic shots.


That’s the Chinese Fisherman’s Hat island.


Looks good on me, right?


I had the best weekend getaway ever! From the green mountains, to the dazzling beaches, Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. I am most definitely coming back. Thinking about hiking to Na Poli Coast in Kauai next…!

All pictures taken by David ^_^


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