colorado springs

I have always wanted to go to Colorado Springs. I have this idyllic image of CO in my head – hot springs and pretty mountains. Well, May was a bit too hot for hot springs but definitely not for pretty mountains. And so, my good friend and I flew from opposite coasts and spent an amazing Memorial Day weekend in Colorado Springs.


We had originally booked our stay at the Cheyenne Mountain Resorts. The above is a lovely picture of their outdoor fire pit facing the Cheyenne Mountains. Unfortunately, this was likely the nicest part of the “resort”. The rooms were small, stuffy and old. Our room also faced the glorious parking lot. That was not how we envisioned our relaxing vacation. Fortunately, the front desk was very amenable to our complaints and canceled our stay without fees. I’d give the “resort” 2 stars but the service, 5!


We had both heard great things about the Broadmoor but booked Cheyenne thinking the latter would be more “naturesque.” Well we were wrong and so we drove to the Broadmoor, walked in, and said we’d like a room with a view please.

Go big or go home right? 😀


What a view…


Super cute and comfortable beds


We loaded up on olives, meats, cheese and wine at the local Wholefoods market. Say hello to my beautiful friend, Roumi! We ate just about 1000000% of our daily servings of sodium and washed it all down with crisp white wine. Suffice to say, we both had an early night.


I took a long stroll the next morning to enjoy the beautiful views while my friend worked a bit. This place is truly extraordinary. You get mountain view, you get lake view, and you get really cute ducks!





Hands up! This will become my favorite pose of the trip.


After some healthy refreshments and map studying, we headed out for the Garden of the Gods.


Lucy presents…big rock barely standing by itself! (there’s an actual name for this one)



I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to park there…lol.


Lucy presents…the One Tower!


Posing at the Visitors Center


We got there fairly late our second day in CO and so had to go back again to do some actual climbing. The view from atop these rocks is breathtaking. We felt like we were on top of the world!


A thunder storm was brewing…I was a bit excited despite people telling us that we should leave ASAP. We were also ill-dressed for climbing mountains. Roumi brought her beloved YSL bag and I was wearing booties. I guess that’s what happens when LA and NYC meet in Colorado…!


On day 3 – we boarded the famous Pikes Peak Cogs Train. I highly recommend this activity for all visitors. In good conditions, this sturdy train will take you up 14,000 ft to the top of Pikes Peak.




Okay, we reached the end of the world.


But first, let me take a selfie!


It was actually quite scary standing so close to the edge.


On our last day – I made the executive decision and insisted that we check out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I heard something about feeding giraffes and I was sold. Look at this cutie! He likes me, yeah??


I think he wants a kiss…


=_= nope he only wanted lettuce




One day I will come back for the hot springs. But until then, I will think back to the amazing experiences (climbing in heels and with designer bags, driving through hail, feed giraffes, running (aka taking a train) up 14,000 feet) I shared with one of my best friends.

I think my expression in the last picture sums up the entire trip. 😀






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