Wow, it’s been forever since my last post. Work has been incredibly busy during the last few months. I was looking through my pictures today and realized I managed to sneak in a few trips here and there so it’s only fair that I share the experiences with the world.

Here goes catch-up post #1 – New Orleans! I was there during President’s Day weekend and the weather was phenomenal. I have a very low tolerance for humidity so I highly recommend avoiding the south in the summer.


I flew into MSY and went straight to my own bar! JK – it was a bar named after me. 🙂


Two cold beers later…we wandered onto Bourbon Street. Man oh man was it packed! I believe it was the first weekend of Mardi Gras and so everyone and I mean everyone, was there. In order to escape the crowd, we took a break at Pat O’Briens and enjoyed some hearty piano duels and Hurricanes (these things will destroy you). These girly-looking drinks taste like juice but has at least 3-4 shots of hard liquor in each. Be warned!


Two hurricanes and perhaps 4 hours of sleep later, we got right up and went to jazz brunch at The Court of Two Sisters. I love jazz. I love champagne. I love good company. And I most definitely … am not sure if I love turtle soup. >.<


After a very hearty and alcohol-laden brunch, we went straight to the French Quarters.


This is not a decoration. People actually drink this…!!! I was very tempted but ultimately did not went to end up at the ER.


I felt the urge to buy a big, feathery hairband. After all, I was in New Orleans! Which look do you guys like the most?


More touristy pictures of me, my friend and my red hairband.


Obligatory Asian peace sign.


Obligatory bad-ass/smirking picture.


That was perhaps 4 drinks in…still standing!


I made a bunch of new friends during this trip. My buddy (Asian guy to my left) is a dental student in Louisiana.  We were all ready for the first (dirty) parade of the year!


Drinking yet another hurricane…

This whole “flash for beads” concept is totally real. I saw one too many bare chests.


The two coolest things I collected from the parade. Any idea what to do with them?


5 hours later…went back to eating at Coquette. The food was amazing but definitely very rich. New Orleans is known for its amazing cuisine so I made sure eating was a top priority.


Despite feeling stuffed after a rich meal at Coquette, we went straight to Cafe du Monde, known for its famous coffee and beignets. Oh, and be prepared to wait 30 minutes plus for a table. The takeout lines looked even longer. The things Americans do for sweets…


Truth be told I wasn’t a fan of the beignets (literally fried dough with sugar), but I also don’t like sweets in general. My friend did take some flattering pictures of my eating process. How to eat a beignet? Start from top left and go clockwise. You’ll be set.


3 hours after beignets…we went straight to dinner. I can’t for the life of me remember what this restaurant is called. Blame it on the gluttonous weekend and nonstop food comas.


I gave myself 12 hours to digest and ended my amazing 3-day trip with this beast of a sandwich (aka muffaletta) at Cochon Butcher. Suffice to say, I went on a week-long salad diet after this trip.



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