black & white w/a touch of trapeze

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I have a conference call in ~30 minutes so I’m writing a quick lookbook post from this weekend. I’m featuring a pair of striped shorts and the newest addition to my bag collection: the Celine Trapeze. Enjoy!


Stripes are super in these days and I definitely hopped onto that train. I’m a huge fan of horizontal stripes and saw these shorts on ASOS a few weeks ago. I’m actually a pretty big fan of ASOS as well. The site/brand generally offers better quality clothing than the likes of Forever21 and H&M and the free shipping/returns policy is most definitely a big bonus. I don’t always keep everything I purchase from the site. My success rate is probably less than 50%. However, when I do find something of high quality and at a great price, I end up in retail cloud 9.

These shorts are 100% cotton, extremely comfortable and do not look or feel cheap at all. I consider this a big win 😉


I also really like long/boyfriend style cardigans. I’m actually wearing one of my boyfriend’s cardigans. Why buy when you just simply borrow? 😉


Alas, my new baby! I have been considering a Celine Trapeze for awhile. I will admit that this was not love at first, as it was with my Celine luggage. I was hesitant about the size and shape. Since I’m only five feet tall, I have to be wary not to let my clothing and accessories overwhelm me. After weeks of consideration, I grew to like the style more and more and well, the rest is history.



\\ Outfit //   

Top: Old Navy 

Shorts: ASOS

Sweater: Boyfriend’s (a nice one here)

Shoes: Alexander Wang 

Accessories: Celine Trapeze

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12 thoughts on “black & white w/a touch of trapeze

  1. I love this style of bag, and Celine just makes the most perfect creations! Your colour choice is gorgeous, especially with those Wang heels! Gah in love! Also im a totally a fan of borrowing (read: stealing) boyfriends clothes, they are just so comfortable and usually have a nice bf smell to them ha! x x

  2. Thank you!! I am absolutely obsessed with Celine. If finances allowed, I’d want a luggage in every color! I am about “his closet is my closet” We gotta maximize you know? 😉

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      • Ahh, i see. Love celine, but the prices are killing me! Anyway, celine or 3.1 phillip lim is better? what do you think? xx 😉

      • I totally feel you on the prices. I got my luggage for 2000 in 2011 now it’s 2700. I actually tried out a few of the Phillip Lim Pashli bags in one of wish list posts. I like them but depending on your height, the regular size can be too big. I think the Pashli is a good bang for your buck but I would personally save up for a luggage or trapeze. Are u deciding between the 2?

      • Yeah, I thought of buying 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli in medium size but couldn’t find a store here in the UK. So maybe I should stop checking out Phillip Lim and save money for trapeze or luggage. Haha! xx

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